Ages: 8-11 yrs

Eligible for CSC Discount: Yes

Location: Thunderbird Park, 3055 Wesbrook Mall (located by John Owen Pavilion)

Consent Form: UBC Camps Multisport Consent

Welcome Harry Potter fans! Quidditch is a unique, inclusive, strategic and fast-paced sport marked by an amazing culture. The no contact version of quidditch (“kidditch”) combines elements of dodgeball, European handball, flag football, and the broom! Children at UBC Camps will earn about inclusiveness and teamwork, in a supportive co-ed environment. Quidditch is a sport where everyone starts at the same level of experience (none) and ends up having a ton of fun and a full body workout! In addition, the skills learned in quidditch will transfer well to any individual or team sport: Beater is the most challenging position in sport, in terms of spatial awareness and strategy and physically overlaps with softball and dodgeball; chaser skills are only a slight twist on what you might commonly find in rugby, hockey, soccer or basketball but with an extra emphasis on utilization of teammates; keepers are very similar to goaltenders in other sports on defence, as well as quarterback or point guard on offence; finally, seeking is basically an exercise in sprint-wrestling, diving and safely rolling which is a ton of fun for any energetic kid, but also teaches fine body control in a way that most sports do not. Experience the magical world of quidditch!

Available Sessions

Code Course Age Date Course Day(s) Time Fee  
20624 Quidditch (located on Buck Field in Thunderbird Park) 8-11 yrs Jul 17 - Jul 21 Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 12:00PM $175 Register Now
20625 Quidditch (located on Wolfson East in Thunderbird Park) 8-11 yrs Jul 24 - Jul 28 Mon-Fri 1:00PM - 4:00PM $175 Register Now

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